Adele - Easy On Me (Official Video)

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Official Video for "Easy On Me" by Adele.
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There ain’t no gold
In this river
That I’ve been washing my hands in forever
I know there is hope
In these waters
But I can’t bring myself to swim
When I am drowning
In this silence baby let me in

Go easy on me baby
I was still a child
Didn’t get the chance to
Feel the world around me
I had no time to choose
What I chose to do
So go easy on me

There ain’t no room
For things to change
When we are both so deeply
Stuck in our ways
You can’t deny how hard I have tried
I changed who I was
To put you both first
But now I give up

I had good intentions
And the highest hopes
But I know right now
It probably doesn’t even show

Directed by: Xavier Dolan @xavierdolan
Video commissioner - Phil Lee @phillee at Untold Studios @untold_studios
Executive Producer - Nkem Egbuchiri at Untold Studios @Nkem__nkem
Executive Producer - Bryan Younce at Columbia Records
Production Company: Sons of Manual/Scheme Engine @schemeengine
Executive Producer: Jannie McInnes @janniemcinnes
Producers: Nancy Grant, Xavier Dolan @nancygrantbonjour; @xavierdolan
Cinematographer: André Turpin @andreturpin
Camera Operator: Jean-Sébastien Caron @jeans_caron
Production design: Élise de Blois @elisedeblois23
Supervising art director: Carolyne De Bellefeuille @carolynedebellefeuille
Stylist: Jamie Mizrahi @sweetbabyjamie
Hair: Sami Knight @samiknighthair
Make-up: Anthony Nguyen @anthonyhnguyenmakeup
Nails: Kimberly Kyees @kimmiekyees
Editor: Xavier Dolan @xavierdolan
Post: MELS Studio @melsstudios /Flawless Post @flawlesspostproduction

  • Shan H

    Shan H

    Jam Yang lalu

    Wow i had to take a minute to listen to the lyrics.......that's deep and relatable

  • Sandra Tavares

    Sandra Tavares

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  • Wisdom Attam

    Wisdom Attam

    Jam Yang lalu

    her name is Adele

  • rei tesfaye

    rei tesfaye

    Jam Yang lalu

    mommy? Sorry mommy? Sorry mommy? Sorry mommy?

  • Mana Y

    Mana Y

    Jam Yang lalu

    Real music🙌

  • Lionel Messi

    Lionel Messi

    Jam Yang lalu

    Adele banget dah emang

  • Casteroid


    Jam Yang lalu

    Love From Egypt!!



    Jam Yang lalu

    Song that only her can sing.. goshh.. her powerful vocal still goosebumps me always..

  • randy suryoranu

    randy suryoranu

    Jam Yang lalu


  • Coldclearblue


    Jam Yang lalu

    The song speaks volumes on where her heart has been these past years… a lot of grown ups can relate with this.

  • Pérez Delgadillo Tamara

    Pérez Delgadillo Tamara

    Jam Yang lalu

    What a beautiful !!!!!😍

  • Cosmico 124

    Cosmico 124

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  • Bearded Moment

    Bearded Moment

    Jam Yang lalu

    The queen is backkkk 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.

  • Ella Campbell

    Ella Campbell

    Jam Yang lalu

    This is amaze-balls

  • automita_kun2


    Jam Yang lalu

    Beautiful,amazing,there are no words i love it!!!!

  • Andrés Gold'n

    Andrés Gold'n

    Jam Yang lalu

    I can't stop listening

  • StarLillyPad


    Jam Yang lalu

    Love from US

  • Botoy Almelor

    Botoy Almelor

    Jam Yang lalu

    I can't stop screaming Adele.....I really miss her.... welcome back..😭😭😭💜

  • Kim Colton

    Kim Colton

    Jam Yang lalu

    Wow. Just Wow

  • Jhonwasmuller Ferreira

    Jhonwasmuller Ferreira

    Jam Yang lalu

    Como eu amo uma cantora, a forma que ela compõe, leva os clipes, canta com sua voz doce, transmite uma paz…

  • Moondance


    Jam Yang lalu

    Adele, your voice is Amazing, I Love this song. You are such a beautiful woman inside and out. So Happy to see you . Much Love and Peace 🕊🕊🕊💫❤️

  • Tamia


    Jam Yang lalu


  • Doğukan Uzun

    Doğukan Uzun

    Jam Yang lalu

    Türkiye’den sevgiler… Evrenin en iyi sanatçısı 💘🇹🇷

  • Mauri Cobian

    Mauri Cobian

    Jam Yang lalu

    This song is eh, but the next ones better slap.

  • José López

    José López

    Jam Yang lalu

    Eres una maravilla!!!!

  • Fredy Niño

    Fredy Niño

    Jam Yang lalu

    Hermosa canción, i love you adele

  • X_g1999


    Jam Yang lalu

    Love you 🥲Your fan from Saudi Arabia🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍..

  • Sonwabile Tshaka

    Sonwabile Tshaka

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    These exams better go easy on me dawg

  • João Pereira

    João Pereira

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    Que saudade dessa voz 🌟💚🎼

  • Dany Silva

    Dany Silva

    Jam Yang lalu

    Pqp ❤️

  • liannneeee


    Jam Yang lalu

    her voice doesn’t change after so many years aaaaaa 😩❤️

  • ︎ ︎if

    ︎ ︎if

    Jam Yang lalu

    What a powerful voice. She's a legend.

  • Ayususanto


    Jam Yang lalu

    Nyari orang indo😁😭

  • ayedatsbens


    Jam Yang lalu

    Already a Certified Hood Classic

  • Frank Chai

    Frank Chai

    Jam Yang lalu

    I’m going through a divorce right now and how to deal with my (ex) partner to be and my son. This song really resonated with me on a level I didn’t know a song could. Thank you Adele

  • Carlos Solano Islas

    Carlos Solano Islas

    Jam Yang lalu

    En un día adele llego a más de 40 millones de vistas

  • Swivmatic


    Jam Yang lalu

    When you realise that the house she's leaving/sold in this video is the house she moved into in "Hello" which she was building in "Rolling In The Deep". Adele? Storyteller of note! 🙌🏽

  • Karishma


    Jam Yang lalu

    Adele is one singer that can go missing for years and come back still on top ❤❤

  • Jimmie Hawkins

    Jimmie Hawkins

    Jam Yang lalu

    Thats my girl she done came wit it again.

  • Melly Mel

    Melly Mel

    Jam Yang lalu

    Can’t wait for the album on Nov 19th cause then I’ll have an actually reason to be crying on my birthday

  • Gadizza Ghassani

    Gadizza Ghassani

    Jam Yang lalu


  • FanTazy


    Jam Yang lalu

    Adele is so talented. This song and *Far Away by Adil* hit different.

  • Marco Méndez

    Marco Méndez

    Jam Yang lalu

    Aquí si buscabas un comentario en español 😳

  • Jason Holden

    Jason Holden

    Jam Yang lalu

    This song IS LENGENDARY

  • clomaquis84


    Jam Yang lalu


  • Angela Cheong

    Angela Cheong

    Jam Yang lalu

    Rolling in the deep ( designing her house ) —> hello ( living in her house ) —> easy on me ( moving out of her house) … she’s so gooooddd

  • Marcos S. B.

    Marcos S. B.

    Jam Yang lalu

    Barbaridade !!... Que musicão !!!.

  • Materva


    Jam Yang lalu

    Horrendous on every level.

  • Fouad Fallahpour

    Fouad Fallahpour

    Jam Yang lalu


  • Zynrio


    Jam Yang lalu

    I’m so proud of her and will always be

  • Tanisha Wells

    Tanisha Wells

    Jam Yang lalu

    Welcome back Adele you still got beautiful voice 💕

  • Vero Castellanos

    Vero Castellanos

    Jam Yang lalu

    I will love you if you translate what she says in her call. 🤭

  • Jair Almeida

    Jair Almeida

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  • M Spaqz

    M Spaqz

    Jam Yang lalu

    Long live the queen!!!

  • E Johnson

    E Johnson

    Jam Yang lalu

    Whoever else dropped new music today done effed up ROYALLY!!!!? NUFFSAID

  • Liza Cabral

    Liza Cabral

    Jam Yang lalu

    Thank You Adele

  • morenojader


    Jam Yang lalu

    Adele doesn’t need to do naked videos or performance, her voice is enough unlike other female artists.

  • Isabely borges

    Isabely borges

    Jam Yang lalu

    Tá passada ?

  • Joel gabino Saldaña rueda

    Joel gabino Saldaña rueda

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  • Diego Alvarez

    Diego Alvarez

    Jam Yang lalu

    Adele in "Rolling in the deep" built the house in "Hello" she moved into it and in "Easy on me" she left it
    She is a queen

  • Jan C

    Jan C

    Jam Yang lalu

    She gives me child every time I hear her voice. She's so stunning

  • Serge Vinkov

    Serge Vinkov

    Jam Yang lalu

    I like DP in this video.

  • Eriberto Edinaldo

    Eriberto Edinaldo

    Jam Yang lalu


  • StarLillyPad


    Jam Yang lalu

    I am your biggest fan, you have no idea how long I have waited for this! Queen back at it again!

  • qwrbhd


    Jam Yang lalu


  • delmy saucedo

    delmy saucedo

    Jam Yang lalu

    44 millones en 1 día, eso solo lo logra Adele.

  • Lawrence Pham

    Lawrence Pham

    Jam Yang lalu

    Powerful, beautiful and touching as always! ♥️ Love from Vietnam! ♥️♥️♥️

  • NovejSpeed3


    Jam Yang lalu

    While the rest of us were dealing with a global pandemic Adele was out here getting her best life!

  • Nama Wie

    Nama Wie

    Jam Yang lalu

    dtg sini sbb khairul aming😂

  • vivek menon

    vivek menon

    Jam Yang lalu

    Love this song.. love from India... 🇮🇳 ...and happy navrathri... 🥰👌🤗

  • Thaisse Borges

    Thaisse Borges

    Jam Yang lalu

    Interpretação espetacular.
    Canta demais!!!🇧🇷

  • Rodrigo Oliveira

    Rodrigo Oliveira

    Jam Yang lalu

    Adele queen

  • ColdWorldNation TV

    ColdWorldNation TV

    Jam Yang lalu

    I felt that

  • Deb Lynn

    Deb Lynn

    Jam Yang lalu

    Always loved her music
    Huge fan

  • Bhenz Villapaña

    Bhenz Villapaña

    Jam Yang lalu

    love u queen adele

  • Rodrigo Oliveira

    Rodrigo Oliveira

    Jam Yang lalu

    Perfect vocal

  • Nexis


    Jam Yang lalu

    Drag it directly onto the USB-Stick and hear this Song in my Lamborghini. Im kidding, I dont have a USB-Stick

  • 123 Relaxing Music (NoCopyright)

    123 Relaxing Music (NoCopyright)

    Jam Yang lalu

    Speechless, that was EPIC ! ♥♥♥♥♥

  • jenn Brown

    jenn Brown

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    Well this is the first song in 10 years wow

  • Fabricio M. S.

    Fabricio M. S.

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    Replay here 1:39

  • Oscar Cruz

    Oscar Cruz

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    Te amo 😽

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    delmy saucedo

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    Zulfahmi Akbar

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    Sakit banget ga si dengernya

  • Daphne Hall

    Daphne Hall

    Jam Yang lalu

    Do you feel like Adele is speaking about your life too when she sings? Her voice and execution are flawless. My heart and soul thank you.

  • ︎ ︎if

    ︎ ︎if

    Jam Yang lalu

    oh man ♥♥

  • ritatmusic


    Jam Yang lalu

    As a singer I must confess Adele is spectacular, Amazing and every other musical description any one can give ❤

  • lux.


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  • shan Xx

    shan Xx

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  • MrMorenoz


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    🎆 Thanks🤲🏿🌹

  • Jesper Valentin

    Jesper Valentin

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    Still impressively beautiful! 😃

  • Ximena Garza

    Ximena Garza

    Jam Yang lalu

    Love u

  • Buck Gammon

    Buck Gammon

    Jam Yang lalu

    Doug Does Not get Anything!!!

  • Kurosaki x

    Kurosaki x

    Jam Yang lalu

    i'll be back in 2030

  • Ximena Garza

    Ximena Garza

    Jam Yang lalu

    Omg, so talented adele

  • Thea Chamroeun

    Thea Chamroeun

    Jam Yang lalu

    Wow !!! Soo beautiful song❤️❤️❤️🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭

  • Candice Ovid

    Candice Ovid

    Jam Yang lalu

    She's so timeless. Through every generation her music is relevant 🙂

  • Ahmed Ibrahim

    Ahmed Ibrahim

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    Love from Egypt 🇪🇬❤

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    Vladimir Serrano

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