Apple Hermès "Luxury" AirTag Unboxing...

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Apple does it again. Behold Apple AirTag Hermès. What a time to be alive.
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Unbox Therapy
  • Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy

    5 hari yang lalu


    • Marcel Melchers

      Marcel Melchers

      4 jam yang lalu


    • Ibbro Shekh

      Ibbro Shekh

      6 jam yang lalu

      i'm your big fan

    • amazing saftey

      amazing saftey

      7 jam yang lalu

      Yes good

    • amazing saftey

      amazing saftey

      7 jam yang lalu

      This is the best problem it is good



      8 jam yang lalu


  • Sean Monts

    Sean Monts

    30 menit yang lalu

    You owe me 14:13.

  • Awesome Brotherhood

    Awesome Brotherhood

    38 menit yang lalu

    What about the bent test?

  • Martin


    43 menit yang lalu

    Best episode ever 🤣

  • yeet


    56 menit yang lalu

    a completely exclusive beeping sound for a Hermés Airtag would be the cherry on top 🤣

  • Rich Lux

    Rich Lux

    Jam Yang lalu


  • Non copyrighted Songs

    Non copyrighted Songs

    Jam Yang lalu

    The Hermès Apple Watch it’s actually a better value than this. Weird flex

  • Brandon middle

    Brandon middle

    Jam Yang lalu


  • Brandon F

    Brandon F

    2 jam yang lalu

    good god, get to it



    2 jam yang lalu

    this episode is sooooo funny~

  • Xavier GV

    Xavier GV

    3 jam yang lalu

    Those guys have no shame, seriously

  • Mighty JOE XXY

    Mighty JOE XXY

    3 jam yang lalu

    5:51 Unbox therapy ASMR coming soon! :P super soft!

  • Alex H

    Alex H

    3 jam yang lalu

    im a huge apple fan boy but this is just just outright silly. how tf is a tag you use to track stuff suddenly associated with luxury

  • PandasInMoscow


    4 jam yang lalu

    lmfaooo *random orchestra starts playing* does anyone see my Hermés bag? It has my Hermés engraved Apple AirTag on it

  • Twomatoes


    4 jam yang lalu

    product 29$
    smell 320$

  • Frederic Eya

    Frederic Eya

    5 jam yang lalu

    that's some luxury right there! lol. this unboxing by Unboxtherapy is so entertaining! lol

  • Cornelies Borst

    Cornelies Borst

    5 jam yang lalu

    anyone remember the uboxings of the macpro wheels or stand? i would love that lew would do that again

  • D70


    5 jam yang lalu

    Urrmezz? 😂😂

  • LCTV


    6 jam yang lalu

    Unbox therapy shouldn’t take 5 minutes to start unboxing

  • Øxygen CODM

    Øxygen CODM

    6 jam yang lalu

    3:56 that dont beat the price of the Pagani huayra hermes edition and Bugatti chiron hermes too

  • Harsh Purohit

    Harsh Purohit

    6 jam yang lalu

    Amazing Airtags.

  • Punit Kanavi

    Punit Kanavi

    6 jam yang lalu

    Lew review the picnic basket...
    We wanna see the picnic basket

  • Mramra Nagar

    Mramra Nagar

    6 jam yang lalu

    What nice

  • KP Stadler

    KP Stadler

    6 jam yang lalu

    why does this exist

  • John Doe

    John Doe

    6 jam yang lalu

    Jonathan Morrisson is gonna make a song out of this. 100% certain because this man got skill and creativity like no other.

  • Zoe Davies

    Zoe Davies

    6 jam yang lalu

    Can i use it for a troller too lol

  • HoLDoN4Sec


    6 jam yang lalu

    people wont steal your airtag, they will steal your hermes keychain and throw the airtag somewhere.

  • Nitro


    7 jam yang lalu

    „Some people have it (the money)“, Unbox Therapy 20 mio abos“ 😂

  • 賜龍怜音


    7 jam yang lalu

    Oh yeah, as Apple always say save the Earth by reducing the packaging.
    Such a hypocrite fucker.

  • Muhammad Kaif

    Muhammad Kaif

    7 jam yang lalu

    8:30 hahahaha environment safe hahahah🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣



    7 jam yang lalu

    Meh 🤷

  • br jo31

    br jo31

    7 jam yang lalu

    Just buy 2 AirTags...

  • Catherine Nyabvure

    Catherine Nyabvure

    7 jam yang lalu

    I take it you are insuring the AirTag and the tiny leather casing :) :) :)

  • B K

    B K

    8 jam yang lalu

    You get the Hermès Apple tag so you don’t your belongings, but people will just end up stealing your Hermès Apple tag. Lol



    8 jam yang lalu

    Hermes clothing look so Goodwill 🤦 cheap.

  • Shaikh Naushad

    Shaikh Naushad

    8 jam yang lalu

    Air tag is shit

  • Tsumichama Nyan

    Tsumichama Nyan

    8 jam yang lalu

    It's funny but people who buy this couch probably don't care about the unboxing experience. The normal person equivalent to the experience would be unwrapping a Snickers bar. And what do you do with a Snickers bar packing? You don't think about it further than looking for a trash bin to throw it in. I mean nothing wrong with it, but it's still ironic, to put this much effort for something the target customer won't stop to appreciate

  • vanerek


    8 jam yang lalu

    At that price point... I'll assume the Keychain is made out of a cow's scrotum

  • Akhim


    9 jam yang lalu

    Apple is so overrated



    9 jam yang lalu

    7:19 is that legal?🤣🤣
    He's high on leather😂😂

  • Kaizer Sieras

    Kaizer Sieras

    9 jam yang lalu

    What if the airtags got misplaced? 🤣

  • Fahad Mehar

    Fahad Mehar

    9 jam yang lalu

    Total Waste Of Money !

  • Rushil Patel

    Rushil Patel

    9 jam yang lalu

    that laugh 5:56

  • Kiril Nikolov

    Kiril Nikolov

    9 jam yang lalu

    the real cost is exactly 10 bucks tops...until ppl give there money for overpriced junk .. they will continue take it .. ofc

  • vernon dursleyy

    vernon dursleyy

    10 jam yang lalu

    $500 for a keychain, no wonder the world is such an unequal place

  • PineApplePizza


    10 jam yang lalu

    12:47 Lew jammin' to his favorite tunes

  • Ali Fatourechiani

    Ali Fatourechiani

    10 jam yang lalu

    This is the closest experience I’ve had to luxury , and I enjoyed it.

  • Jake Durham

    Jake Durham

    10 jam yang lalu

    But people are dumb enough to pay that

  • Jake Durham

    Jake Durham

    10 jam yang lalu

    I think Apple and the unstraight CEO are on meth

  • RaGUUdepi da boi

    RaGUUdepi da boi

    10 jam yang lalu

    1:26 :/

  • Alexandr Škaryd

    Alexandr Škaryd

    11 jam yang lalu

    What case does Lewis use on the iPhone?

  • Karan O

    Karan O

    11 jam yang lalu

    Lew looking at the prices all shook like he don't own a Hermes sofa set in his backyard and couple of Hermes shorts in his basement ;)

  • Attila Bagota

    Attila Bagota

    12 jam yang lalu

    A sima még oké, kb, de ez már tényleg minek???? :-)))
    Ennyiért elélek 2 hónapig kint...kicsit sok az az adó, nagyuram :-)))
    The plain is still okay, about, but is that really why ???? :-)))
    That's why I live outside for 2 months ... a little bit of tax, my lord :-)))

  • Johnsterfer


    12 jam yang lalu

    That couch is literally a new Audi RS6 Avant.

  • Pierre-alexandre


    12 jam yang lalu

    how you say hermès , it sounds like a disease .

  • Al Ebr

    Al Ebr

    12 jam yang lalu

    what if we don't have Twitter?!

  • Khairil Aiman

    Khairil Aiman

    12 jam yang lalu

    u look like stonemountain64

  • john donbavand

    john donbavand

    12 jam yang lalu

    Sniffing a cows arse

  • dreadavis


    13 jam yang lalu

    Can't wait for the airtag pro, airtag pro max.......

  • Shubham Jain

    Shubham Jain

    13 jam yang lalu


  • Bacon Winslow

    Bacon Winslow

    13 jam yang lalu

    I get the same quality from Serbia for $50

  • Aram Bajlory

    Aram Bajlory

    13 jam yang lalu

    Waste of money. That amount can be invested or given to hungry people.

  • Chukie Haha

    Chukie Haha

    14 jam yang lalu

    You weirdo lol

  • Pj Biggleswerth

    Pj Biggleswerth

    14 jam yang lalu

    1:00 lmfao bill burr is in da HOUSE!

  • Shakti Rathore

    Shakti Rathore

    15 jam yang lalu

    Just because it’s expensive, don’t shove it up ur nose lewww! We are still going through a pandemic remember?

  • SIMKA Skidello

    SIMKA Skidello

    15 jam yang lalu

    I’m Russian привет hello I fedor Skidello I is sanck Peterborough

  • Ben Sipos

    Ben Sipos

    15 jam yang lalu

    Man I gotta buy one of these just so I can take a whiff

  • Santo Valentino

    Santo Valentino

    16 jam yang lalu

    It’s pronounced HER-MEEZ

  • Paul De La Rosa

    Paul De La Rosa

    16 jam yang lalu

    Does this guy not know that apple x Hermes did an apple watch?

  • Emmanuel Oyedeji

    Emmanuel Oyedeji

    17 jam yang lalu


  • Reesham Jacobs

    Reesham Jacobs

    17 jam yang lalu

    Manny koshbin be like 🤣😂😂😎 pls like the comment if you agree with me !!

  • Aaron Chavez

    Aaron Chavez

    17 jam yang lalu

    Put this at a travel bag I will take ur keychain and toss the airtag out the garbage 😌

  • Aaron Chavez

    Aaron Chavez

    18 jam yang lalu

    Panty sniffer fetish

  • Lieutenant Pepper

    Lieutenant Pepper

    18 jam yang lalu

    Finally the unboxing I have been waiting for!

  • Type Elite

    Type Elite

    18 jam yang lalu

    I love the smell of brand new AirPods Pro. There, I said it.

  • Rehan Tank

    Rehan Tank

    18 jam yang lalu

    Sheeshhhh 😂

  • Lee Good spirits

    Lee Good spirits

    18 jam yang lalu

    Buying this if not for any other reason to smell it.

  • Ibrahim


    19 jam yang lalu

    This is one of the best unbox therapy videos😂

  • Tom


    19 jam yang lalu


  • Syed Ali

    Syed Ali

    19 jam yang lalu

    Whats air tag though 🤔

  • Terris Fields

    Terris Fields

    19 jam yang lalu

    When you started rubbing your hands on the microfiber I got mad cause I hate the way it feels😭

  • Destiny Robertson

    Destiny Robertson

    19 jam yang lalu

    Why is no one commenting the correct pronunciation.... ehr-mez. There’s YouTube videos to learn the pronunciation btw.

  • OmniMorsDominus


    19 jam yang lalu

    Best 20 seconds of a video ever

  • Sami El Awad Azrak

    Sami El Awad Azrak

    20 jam yang lalu

    If you want real tech reviews check out Flossy Carter.

  • Shaka


    20 jam yang lalu

    A thief will take the Hermes keychain and throw away the AirTag...

  • jujunye


    20 jam yang lalu


  • CrimebyDesire


    20 jam yang lalu

    Omg what a waste of money 🤦🏽‍♂️🙄 you can get the same quality of materials from the Hermès key tag for about 15 or 20 dollars in some countries 😆😆😂😂

  • sadc6t


    20 jam yang lalu

    found the stuff with that hermes airtag, imma never return it and putting out the battery from airtag

  • Owen Richards Jr

    Owen Richards Jr

    20 jam yang lalu

    Lew sniffing that leather was peak comedy lmao

  • 硅谷炸鸡


    20 jam yang lalu


  • A20 Fitness

    A20 Fitness

    20 jam yang lalu

    Hermes Link, Ice Blue Mink 😈

  • lovepreet virk

    lovepreet virk

    20 jam yang lalu

    This guy 100% smoked weed

  • sidham yashotharaj

    sidham yashotharaj

    21 jam yang lalu

    சூப்பர் ஐயா வாழ்த்துக்கள்

  • Fat_Thor31b


    21 jam yang lalu

    Now we need a video of you with a leather expert

  • June Angelo Fernandez

    June Angelo Fernandez

    21 jam yang lalu


  • luis ocampo

    luis ocampo

    21 jam yang lalu

    why does the beat sound like Kim possibles watch

  • Rapte Gaming

    Rapte Gaming

    21 jam yang lalu

    Airtag beep sounds like The Umbrella Academy dancing song scene :')

  • Ola Sogaolu

    Ola Sogaolu

    21 jam yang lalu

    Lmao I’ve never seen Lew this playful before 😂

  • salim machila

    salim machila

    21 jam yang lalu

    How to steal money legal way

  • Ola Sogaolu

    Ola Sogaolu

    21 jam yang lalu