Bohemian Rhapsody Interrupted by Bernie Lookalike? Shocked Crowd! Cole Lam 12 Years Old

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Queen Bohemian Rhapsody never fails to pull a reaction from a massive crowd! This was a little funny as the gentlemen interrupted me when I started to play Bohemian Rhapsody to ask me if I could play Bohemian Rhapsody.

I assume one of them must have seen me play @Queen Official Bohemian Rhapsody here before, or maybe on IDvision! Check out the reaction of the audience when it "appears" that they may be wanting me to stop or get off the piano - and then all smiles when it is clear that they were asking for another song!

Played on Elton John's donated Yamaha @Yamaha_Global piano at London St Pancras International Station. There's usually a nice crowd here - and this time it was enormous!

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Cole Lam
  • Cole Lam

    Cole Lam

    2 tahun yang lalu

    *8 Jun 2021 - CHECK OUT THE LATEST POST LOCKDOWN VERSION* *Piano Tutorial* : This is by far the biggest crowd I have had on a public piano! So many things to see here - the ladies face when the guys appear to be interrupting me, and then the smiles when it is clear they are not. The odd air guitar, and the bike guy who came through and got a big round of applause! My favourite is the little baby moving her hands like she is playing the piano - almost in time at 5:14.
    🎹These are all my own arrangements - created from listening to the songs, and watching music videos. ♫ Sheet Music for my own Arrangement - Bohemian Rhapsody:
    *Oh we get asked a lot about what camera my dad is holding - that tiny little thing is the DJI Osmo Pocket - an amazing tiny 4K camera with stabiliser*

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      N,n no

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      Well God Bless you! Thank you so much for sharing

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    I like it!

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    Courtney Tibbert

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    Even tho that piano is so out of tune he still plays it amazingly I only know the crossover bit 😂

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    Go Dodgers!

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    Few things will scare a kid more than thinking Bernie is running at them with a smile on his face.

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    Cameron Crawford

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    Spell bounding talents..and he loves to play!

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    Edmon Libres

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    In spite of his talent still there were dissatisfied. I am wondering if these people who thumbs down/dislike have talent like him. If they have then show and compete him. ASAP.

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    Fact :- This guy give heart to every comment.

    • Cole Lam

      Cole Lam

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      Not quite all. Just the nice ones (and the ones I understand as some are I languages I don't know)

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    Quero muito essa partitura!!!

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    Очень сильные чувства!Браво! Молодчинка!

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    i kept comming back to this video that until now intruduced and inspired me to love and learn Queen's music on the piano! amazing Cole 💞😘

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    Sto cazzo

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    Freddie mercury☹️

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    Wow Ang galing nya😊

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    Love this song❤

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    Me recuerda las ranas que se mueren en sherk

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    Hermosa melodia

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    We all know freddy was looking down from above with a tear rolling down his cheek singing

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    Most of these people rebook their flights.

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    Wonderfull,Amazing, GOD BLESS You!

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    Been 3 years and still hearing comments. Respect

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      Cole Lam

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      Still getting loads of nice comments to read and heart every day!

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    Bought tears to my eyes

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    Toca bien pero distrae tanta payasada de "genio" es más bonito ver cuándo tocan al natural sin pretensiones de llamar la atención



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    Excellent body rhythm!

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    Nádhera !!!!!!!!

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    Good job boy

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    amazing boy , i cry ... love freddy s2

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    расскажи по=русски!

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    Que lindo! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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    И дед попросил легендарную песню, и мальчик сыграл профессионально

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    you are genious super genious

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    Anybody else miss the times when we didn’t have to wear masks in public?

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    Maravilhooooso top!

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    Класс! Супер! Молодец, как будто сам Фредди поёт!

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    감정이 없는 반주! 가수라면 음치!

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    Oh my very nice stay safe full support sending

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    Erick Ramos

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    Heee felling the fuck outta that song

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    Very noisy. Going to the market, but hearing this sound, I'm very annoyed. You go play the piano outside.
    A mood like Gudang But you're just a kid with a bit of skill There's one song you can't play and play the piano with a friend not because I'm very annoyed I buy stuff Not in the mood to listen to music

    • Cole Lam

      Cole Lam

      Hari Yang lalu

      @michael palmer haha. Hope they bought what they wanted in the market though!

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      michael palmer

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      @Cole Lam A person who gets straight to the point and leaves you in no doubt about what he is saying!

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    Wonderful..... Boys....!!!



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    he looks so nauseous like he wants to throw up.

    • Cole Lam

      Cole Lam

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      Throw up nice music!

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    verna salamo

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    Im 44 yrs old but I cannot even play abc in piano but this gorgeous boy he played perfectly..

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    Bđs Lâm Đồng

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    Không hiểu ngôn ngữ của các bạn...nhưng nghe thấy hay lắm like nhé ❤️

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    No 1 pla👑👑👑

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    Steal_ Crystal!!!

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    I wanted to learning piano at age 9 but guess what my parents is in debt (can't afford piano) so I am bit of jealous of this talent🙂

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    freda pilayo

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  • Angel Dark

    Angel Dark

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    I remember the first time I heard this song! What a revelation it was to me then and even now. I love the way you play this. Many many thanks and much love... it takes me away to my special place

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    Cintia Massumi Nakamura

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    Linda apresentação parece que ouço a voz do Fred!!!!!

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    Not allot of people know how to even play the piano and he is just relaxing there playing queen



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    Nice song love it

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    La re vivis Jackie

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    Almost 50k dislikes... Why so much hate? 🤷

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    Nice job boy

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    So queria ter a capacidade de entender o porquê de 45000 dedos para baixo, a sério? Gostam mais de ouvir o ruido doloroso que temos de suportar nas lojas? Parabens jovem, e bem haja por ainda haver no mundo jovens como tu👏

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      nenita prudenciado

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      Excellent ☺️

    • nenita prudenciado

      nenita prudenciado

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    Maybe the crowd forgot that they had trips

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    It has been 2 years and this man is still hearting comments, maybe once this is recommended after like 8 years he'll continue hearting comments +1 respect.

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      Cole Lam

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      Thanks for leaving nice comments!

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    Какая прелесть! Мальчишке респект! Уверена, Фредди улыбался своей восхитительной улыбкой, глядя на этого талантливого паренька. Фредди, тебя помнят и любят все эти 50 лет и будут помнить и слушать всегда, передавая твои песни из поколения в поколение. Ты лучший, Фредди! Скучаем! Слушаем! Помним! Любим!

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    Canal Alfredo Bohorquez

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    Sorprendente pero en AGT de este año otro niño asiático de Philippines fue descalificado Peter Rosalita...racismo o no valorizar estos genios?

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      Deus não existe 🤨

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    The TAJAS' Tunes

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    The TAJAS' Tunes

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    Hi friend Cole, you are very talented in playing piano, please stay cool and humble...

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