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Thanks for watching! Read all about Dr. Andrew Huberman here 👉🏼
Dr. Andrew Huberman is a neuroscientist and tenured professor in the Department of Neurobiology at Stanford University School of Medicine. He is an expert in neuroplasticity, and his work in the Huberman Lab has been featured in Science, Discover, Scientific American, Time, the New York Times, and countless peer-reviewed journals.
Dr. Huberman is here to school us on all things neuroplasticity---and how we can use it to our advantage through intense focus, mindfulness, and restorative sleep. Enjoy!
✌🏼🌱 - Rich
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Hi I'm Rich Roll. I'm a vegan ultra-endurance athlete, author, podcaster, public speaker
& wellness evangelist at large. But mainly I'm a dad of four. If you want to know more,
visit my website or check out these two the NY Times articles:
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0:00 - Introduction
1:26 - Andrew’s Background
15:29 - How Andrew Turned His Life Around
23:47 - How Andrew Combines Neuroscience with His Past
26:43 - The Human Brain: Internal State & External State
35:06 - Neural Plasticity - Steering the Nervous System
42:25 - State of Flow - The Dopamine System
59:07 - Process of Internal Rewards
1:05:55 - Studying Fear, Courage, and Resilience
1:16:03 - How to Deal with Problems of Motivation and Focus
1:24:41 - Panoramic Vision vs Focal Vision
1:30:45 - Methods of Focus and Deep Rest
1:34:50 - Optic Flow and EMDR
1:38:50 - Andrew’s Work in Addiction
1:47:06 - A Bio-Marker for Addicts to Avoid Relapse
1:49:36 - Neuroscience Perspective on Political Polarization
1:59:15 - The Importance of Internal Control
2:04:57 - Is There Hope for Us?
#richroll #neuroscience #brainhealth

Rich Roll
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    james carr

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    Shoutout to the OG skaters! Real recognize real!

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    IN Ferno

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    About to listen gonna post my personal opinion when I'm done because I don't believe it.
    37:28 seconds in. come back after good deep sleep.

  • PuffBuck


    10 jam yang lalu

    This is amazing in so many ways! I am going through rehabilitation due to a complex background of mental diseases and disabilities and I really want to work in the psychiatry. Just learning about how agitation is a biological normal process when it comes to learning is very relieving and it's really pushing me forward. I sent an email regarding studies to the lady helping me after watching that part. Now I'm waiting for a meeting to get started. I feel ready to embrace it instead of giving up. Thank you!
    This also gives me more things to think about and more tools to keep in my toolbox. I love it!

  • Amy Koorn

    Amy Koorn

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    Thank you!!!

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    Joel Girten

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    Hack your behavior

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    how many obsessions does he have?

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    Nehal Shah

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    Listen at 0.75x speed.

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    “EMDR sounds like a music genre or a drug” 😂

  • Debra Aponte

    Debra Aponte

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    Yoga breathing is a good way to calm oneself.

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    daisia benson

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  • Denis Gemmeyh

    Denis Gemmeyh

    2 hari yang lalu

    I truly enjoyed this podcast. Everything that is spoken of is all in my experience. Ive learnt how to control my chemistry. Meditation is how I achieved this state. Becoming sensible to my lifes energy is what helped me become more aware and conscious. I realized emdr at a young age. Flow state is an amazing way to experience life which I acheive with counscious breathing. Everytime I take a counscious breath I produce goosebumps. Love your work 👍

  • Jarntazecht


    2 hari yang lalu

    The people best suited to mastering the mind, the closest thing to magic there is, are those who look like Anton LeVay with hair.

  • Baguette Launcher

    Baguette Launcher

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    Im the guy seeking truth by testing everything, this speech is the exact opposite of Law of Attraction process, it's kind of funny to test one and the other, I garanty you that what this guy says is absolute truth, ACTION ACTION ACTION is the real deal in this world, mental strenght, even having a hard time or doing shitty job, if you have mental strenght and want to grow, there is NO secret, just get your fking *ss out there and start fighting, don't wait, and use your BRAIN, your intelligence, rely on SCIENCE and FACTS

  • 23Bentley45


    2 hari yang lalu

    What a fascinating person. I’m so happy to see a scientist who loves animals and doesn’t torture them in a lab. So admirable. I’m totally addicted to your podcast!

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    iam miw

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    I like it when 7m people interested about this and it only took 8 months

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    Really Interesting.. But wasn't it John Hughes who wrote Mr Mom

  • Lilly


    2 hari yang lalu

    A wonderfully brilliant Scientific explanation of the beautiful state our brain finds when one is submitted to God through his son Jesus Christ and then filled with the Holy Spirit. There is no substitute for the fulfillment of what we were created for.

  • blaqoD


    2 hari yang lalu

    Min 1:16:00. If you take a close look at kids or people that cry, when they get to the relief stage, they actually do inhale 2x times and then exhale, automatically.
    Amazing content.

  • Thúy thinks twice

    Thúy thinks twice

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    I figured he was a libra lol can listen to him talk forever. Cool stuff.

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    I can’t do a pull up either 😩

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    Hey podcast, welcome everybody.

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    Adelheid Van Lierde

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    First i was like: damn, two hours?! But now i'm like: GIVE ME ALL OF THIS DUDES' CONTENT!

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    Thank you.

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    Ivan Alfaro

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    One of the most interesting and powerful interviews I've heard!.....Thanks for sharing!

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    1:17:23 like playing Grand Theft Auto and using the cheat code to raise your wanted level to full, just for the adrenaline rush lol

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    2 mins into this....and my brain is like "that's one person pretending to be two..."

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    Got Richrolled by the YouTube Algorithm and I like it!

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    These chairs are amazing. Truly ants through a microphone! Love it!

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    So am I - glad that the mysterious ways of gods algorithms led me have the chance to lend an ear to these two scholars of profound wisdom. Thanks for sharing this publicly Guys!

  • Kelly Green

    Kelly Green

    5 hari yang lalu

    There is so much to process here, I will have to watch this SO many times to grasp and absorb the many levels in which this applies to my life! That is how my brain works. In 1990, at the age of 20, my life changed forever. 13 trips to the ER and being told I was JUST an “emotional” young woman. I KNEW something wasn’t right, but man, being patted on the head and released full of shame and embarrassed over and over again is so awful. Even my family started thinking the same. Fast forward, a doc finally paid attention and found out I had 2 blood clots that could have killed me: DVT’s, mitral valve prolapse, and a digestive issue that weakened my breathing. Weeks in the hospital at that age, going from feeling invincible to people joining hands and praying over me; PTSD, anxiety, panic disorder, sprinkled with a little agoraphobia and claustrophobia. I was labeled a victim and I have OWNED that ever since. I am working on it but I now recognize how much that feeling of desperation changed the trajectory of my life. Mental health was NOT TALKED about then. Now I have to unlearn and recognize that fear has been the most prevalent guiding force in my life. It’s just a mess! At my age it is so difficult, I just instinctively want to fall into what I was “told” was my role in the world. Long way to go!!!!



    5 hari yang lalu

    Flow Experience Explained in 2 minutes (and norepinephrine has nothing to do with it)
    It has recently been demonstrated (link below) that reward uncertainty or novelty can enhance the sensory experience of high value reward. In other words, popcorn actually tastes better when we are watching exciting movies, and tastes worse when we are watching paint dry. This is due to what are called dopamine-opioid interactions, or the fact that dopamine activity (elicited by positive novel events, and responsible for a state of arousal, but not pleasure) interacts with our pleasures (as reflected by opioid activity), and can actually stimulate opioid activity, which is reflected in self-reports of greater pleasure.
    Opioid release occurs when we are consuming food and drink, but it also occurs when our musculature is in a state of inactivity or rest, which is why relaxation feels good. Thus it follows that any behaviors which have a lot of positive reward uncertainty (creating art, climbing mountains, etc.) will stimulate naturally occurring opioid activity in concurrent resting states, with subsequent self-reports of high arousal and pleasure, which precisely describes all flow experiences. In other words, flow is simply opioid-dopamine interactions due to pursuing positive novel events during a state of rest. Furthermore, as dopamine release scales with the salience of the activity, so will the resulting flow experience. We also see this for flow experiences, where the pleasure and arousal scales with the importance of the task. Thus a rock climber who is risking his life would have a more intense experience than if he were attached to a tether that would break his fall.
    A longer explanation from affective neuroscience is provided on pp. 80-85 in the open-source book on the psychology of rest linked below, as well as a simple procedure on pp. 48-50 to induce and sustain the positive affect characteristic of flow. The book is based on the work of the distinguished affective neuroscientist Kent Berridge, who was kind to review for accuracy and endorse the work.
    Rauwolf, P., et al. (2021) Reward uncertainty - as a 'psychological salt'- can alter the sensory experience and consumption of high-value rewards in young healthy adults. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General (prepub)
    Berridge Lab, University of Michigan

  • Ryan H

    Ryan H

    5 hari yang lalu

    Perhaps he was lucky not partaking in public school. He had the ability of free will rather than being manipulated into studying/doing certain things within public schools. Like taking out thousands of dollars in student loans and having no idea what you want to go into. (source: experience) Great listen. Thank you

  • Shah Ektesabi

    Shah Ektesabi

    6 hari yang lalu

    All I know is that David Goggin's book triggered something in me. It changed my life I been working out every day for two years straight after reading that book.

  • ßird


    6 hari yang lalu

    1:43:01 - as we go to the wide angle for the first time, I wonder if I found this conversation for a reason, for I am truly fucked with addictions, bout to turn 40 and running on empty

  • wet timguavass

    wet timguavass

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    Wish Dr. Andrew were my older brother.

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    Man i just want a hug...

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    Wise man entertain a thought without accepting it

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    wow! I need to rewatch this every day for a week! fascinating info.

  • Pretty Ricky

    Pretty Ricky

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    his childhood is just like mine. I’ve been skating for nearly 8 years now and plan on trying to become pro and grew up without my parent being together. I’m 19 rn but hearing this gives me hope for what I plan to do in the future

  • just human

    just human

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    Just full of Bull.

  • sookable h

    sookable h

    6 hari yang lalu

    what about people whose "mental state" is at a younger age lower than 25? will they still be able to do things like learning a language fluently and efficiently as if they were younger?

  • Pragathi


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    I got additcated to his content .. Great life lesson and msg..

  • N N

    N N

    7 hari yang lalu

    I agree to the uncomfortableness occurs. I used to call them character building moments. Not what I truly may enjoy but neccesary to grow. Oddly changes to a positive moment. This has helped me to truly think about things and be more aware of my difficult moments and my resistance and procrastination . It is helping me reduce that and actively using tools to help me.

  • N N

    N N

    7 hari yang lalu

    I enjoy listening to these podcast with Andrew Huberman. I listen repetitively to sink into this mind. Enjoy it. Have used his recommendations on sleep and rest. It has helped. A lot of great wisdom that can be used for focus , changing yourself with active tools. Very helpful

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    Fantastic content - thanks for this.

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    The foregoing brian geometrically itch because cord posteriorly precede an a furry furtive oil. ossified, equable control

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    But external rewards, extrinsic rewards from society are part of the problem on a societal level as well as a personal one.

  • c. marie

    c. marie

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    "Say no to rewards and punishments" is hard to listen for most people because they believe in extrinsic rewards and punishments.



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    When you have a angrey and murderous God your selfcontrol will act accordingly.

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    A very comprehensive and helpful about mental health

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    Great interview. I have learnt a lot

  • michael wineland

    michael wineland

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    Im being asked to comment publicly as Michael Wineland and directly following this very interesting neuroscientist who I relate to because he was a fuck up as a young man more later because I have to sleep now

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    i want more of his video

  • Shirley


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    There is so much information to digest and apply that I know I will be watching it again so I can gain neuroplasticity in the area that I want to work on and it's going to be very messy, I know that already. Thank you for this podcast. I found it by looking for interviews with Dr. Andrew Huberman as the guest. I watch his podcast which I find fascinating.

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    This video is very very very helpful. Thank you for doing this podcast. God bless

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    Thank you so much for this! Shared on @OpenMediaOne

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    Gosh, for a moment, right there at the beginning, this looked like an older man interviewing his younger self - that was pretty cool. :-D Right, now I'll hit play again.

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    I love intellectuals that also get jacked

  • all-in Javi Méndez

    all-in Javi Méndez

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    This is top tier content. Also top tier motivational content. Thank you Rich, you becoming a big boy on this field.

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      You're sexy

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    I just watched an entire movie in my head listening to this dude talk

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    This is worth gold, if you want to change your life.

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    hubermans really hot

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    Fantastic podcast thank you 🙏

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    Ok let's practice this.... I'm at work. Got 8 hours left right now. That's just 4 hours twice. Just gotta make it to 2 hours twice and I'm halfway done.

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    Yo this can actually be a true story movie!!!



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  • Anne Briggs

    Anne Briggs

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    What you said at the end- I think that's how people gravitate to a particular religion. The teachings of a particular religion complement how they already think or how they already are so they get that dopamine rush from it. I think it's why some people get addicted to religion.

  • Anne Briggs

    Anne Briggs

    9 hari yang lalu

    So, is there a correlation between the fact that we go into that double breathing thing automatically after we have a good cry?

  • Anne Briggs

    Anne Briggs

    9 hari yang lalu

    Forcing myself to go for a power walk when I'm in a funk always works for me too. I wouldn't have known if I didn't see another video on it. Now, that's what I do.

  • supurbich


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    Dr. Huberman is beautiful, and his cardiovascular enthusiasm is adorable!

  • Meditation Peace

    Meditation Peace

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    Are they both on LSD I can see that 👀 ?

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    Brendan Manwaring

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    this should be taught to 8th graders

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    The body like everything else is a fractal of the universe, it’s self similar, it’s a torus field, it senses the external & feeds into itself to learn & expand/grow.

  • Omar q8

    Omar q8

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    That is the issue when you are interested and/or in search of higher more complex and deep stuff in life most people will view you as a smarta$$ rather than a person who is above and beyond materialistic/superficial stuff!

  • Carrie Gruno

    Carrie Gruno

    10 hari yang lalu

    Almost as if I don't deserve to relax and completely let go. Almost like I may die if I relax

  • Carrie Gruno

    Carrie Gruno

    10 hari yang lalu

    What if you can't sleep because along with your brain not shutting down, you have fear of losing memory or control of your responsibilities the next morning so you don't sleep in order to stay in control of your responsibilities?

    • Bentley Mayes

      Bentley Mayes

      9 hari yang lalu

      I am no expert but I'd likely say that not sleeping will interfere greatly with your ability to be in control, and sleep will greatly enhance it. Perhaps seek professional help if this is a deep phobia, but like said in the video, lean into that fear and try do the thing anyway. Maybe after sleeping you realise you didn't lose what you fear.

  • Janette Martinez

    Janette Martinez

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    I wish I could meet Dr. Andrew Huberman! so interesting even, when at first I was like 2 hours long!!

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    I wish I had learned neuroscience like this. This is captivating!

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    I feel smart while watching this even though I KNOW I’m not🤨🤨

  • Prehistoric Turtlesaurus

    Prehistoric Turtlesaurus

    10 hari yang lalu

    I wonder if anyone can relate or has insight into my curiosity regarding a certain aspect of neuroeponephrine/stress as being fundamental to creating new neuropathways. I have, like many fellow neurotics, chronic stress and agitation that manifests in ill health like gastritis and atrial fibrillation and thus am eager to avoid overstimulation and stress in general but am also eager to reinvent myself in early adulthood and utilize this information as it seems like established neurology.
    I wonder if one who is already predisposed to stress and agitation has enough of a constant undercurrent of epinephrine, in their relative unagitated state, that it is only necessary to apply focus and not be too concerned with building a sense of urgency; or if it is that one needs to induce moderate stress or low stress relative to their usual state to mimic what a less neurotic mindset would create and somehow train the body to tolerate it without symptoms of ones stress induced or exacerbated illness. Or maybe I have it all wrong and one can release epinephrine in a way that doesn't mimic "fight or flight" type responses or manifest agitation.
    What if the new neuropathways your trying to create are oriented towards being less agitated and neurotic or less stressed?

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    This was a very good find. Thank you for these jewels I never knew I needed.

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    Where do you get his books? I have looked on Amazon and Book Depository - not there.

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    Huberman definitely made me change some of my habits snd become more proactive this guys good!

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