Doja Cat - Kiss Me More (Official Video) ft. SZA

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Doja Cat // “Kiss Me More” ft. SZA
Out Now //
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“Kiss Me More” (Official Video)

Astronaut: Alex Landi

Director: Warren Fu
DP: Christopher Ripley
Executive Producer: Sara Nix
Producer: Whitney Jackson
Commissioner: Sam Houston
PM: Val Pensa
PM: Quinci Bryant
Label: RCA Records

Production Company: Partizan Entertainment
1st AD: Ev Salomon
Production Designer: John Richoux with Nomad Art + Design
Editor: Nick Rondeau at Work Editorial
Colorist: Matt Osborn at Company 3
Sound Mixing: Brandon Kim at Therapy Studios
VFX: Roman Bilichenko + Olga Petrishena at Digital Axis
and Jumanah Shaheen + Grant Miller + David Lebensfeld at Ingenuity Studios
Game Designer: Christopher Rodriguez
Director Reps: Nicole O’Connell + Beatriz Lopez at Hart Represents

Team Doja Cat
Management: Wassim “Sal” Slaiby, Gordan Dillard, Lydia Asrat, Josh Kaplan, Rachel Rowley
Creative Director / Stylist: Brett Alan Nelson
Tailor: Jesstia Usher
Stylist Assist: Kristin Ritchie + Samuel Wolfe
Hair: J Stay Ready
Makeup: Ernesto Casillas
Makeup Assist: Ivan Nunez
Nails: Saccia Livingston
Choreographer: Cortland Brown

Team SZA
Management: Terrence "Punch" Henderson, Roberto "retOne" Reyes, MeLisa Chanele
Stylist: Dianne Garcia, Alejandra Hernandez
Makeup: Ernesto Casillas
Hair: Randy Stodghill, Tevin Washington
Nails: Karen Jimenez

Doja Cat
  • Arviendran Rajendran

    Arviendran Rajendran

    10 menit yang lalu


  • Playboi Curry

    Playboi Curry

    11 menit yang lalu

    Never knew plastic could sing.

  • Ctl3_n


    19 menit yang lalu

    That boy looks so finee💆🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️

  • gearhead gearhead

    gearhead gearhead

    24 menit yang lalu

    And beheld among the simple ones, I discerned among the youths, a young man void of understanding,
    And, behold, there met him a woman with the attire of an harlot, and subtil of heart, So she caught him, and kissed him, and with an impudent face said unto him, Come, let us take our fill of love until the morning: let us solace ourselves with loves,
    For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread: and the adultress will hunt for the precious life.

  • Will Idris

    Will Idris

    30 menit yang lalu

    I m here to understand where those tiktoker get the “ding” idea from

  • liquido boracho

    liquido boracho

    30 menit yang lalu


  • namami sharma

    namami sharma

    37 menit yang lalu

    ohh my god the guy is soooooooooo hottttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • Jung Reem.

    Jung Reem.

    51 menit yang lalu

    الولد يجنن 🚶🏻‍♀️🦋.

  • Kall Arcanjo

    Kall Arcanjo

    Jam Yang lalu

    Sinceramente, elas serviram o melhor feat de 2021. Planet Her is coming!!!!

  • mochitakanashi


    Jam Yang lalu

    I wanna live on planet her too😔💕 love the song btw doja it was so goooood!

  • Notorijess 13

    Notorijess 13

    Jam Yang lalu

    When I hear this I always think ultra Nate- free is coming on 😆

  • SandStarr Entertainment

    SandStarr Entertainment

    Jam Yang lalu

    This dude is giving me major Mamochan/Darian from Sailor Moon vibes

  • rapiDOman


    Jam Yang lalu

    The beat tho 💜

  • សុខលី វណ្ណឌី

    សុខលី វណ្ណឌី

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    Guy handsome-,-

  • Ahmad Ashkanani

    Ahmad Ashkanani

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  • Armin Arlet

    Armin Arlet

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    who is the guy ? >///

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    laith alnatour

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    اكو عرب بالطيارة

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  • mo.


    Jam Yang lalu

    song used to be good i hate it now

  • Rozi Marlz

    Rozi Marlz

    2 jam yang lalu

    Asian men are sexy 😘

  • Mia Francisco

    Mia Francisco

    2 jam yang lalu

    102million views!!!

  • Janelle Seludo

    Janelle Seludo

    2 jam yang lalu

    Fact: This is one of the best songs of 2021
    Sza: You know that

  • whitemusk Aurore

    whitemusk Aurore

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    I m with this music....really

  • ٰ ـ𓆩ʟ̤ɾʅᓗฺȊjᓄ𓆪ـ ٰ

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  • Haze Halo

    Haze Halo

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    anyone here bc of STAYC COVERING THIS?

    • Haze Halo

      Haze Halo

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      @gregpacker heyyy nice

    • gregpacker


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  • Jess


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  • Canset Sümer

    Canset Sümer

    3 jam yang lalu

    1:17 best

  • Julian Lopez

    Julian Lopez

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  • flc2009


    3 jam yang lalu

    Can’t get this song out my head. Kiss me more : not so whimsical . Doja is so catchy.

  • Angge Bugz

    Angge Bugz

    3 jam yang lalu

    i love doja, her music, her videos. i love this story, the concept. the hidden jokes and stuff. but boi i had bi panic for reals. lots of love to everyone. keep doing amazing stuff, and be your amazing selves.

  • Scotty Simmons

    Scotty Simmons

    3 jam yang lalu

    Yeah well TOO BAD Doja Cat is the WEIRDEST Female on planet earth 🌎 😑

  • *Cxral Reef*

    *Cxral Reef*

    3 jam yang lalu

    I want the world to be like this in a few years where we live on islands with cherry blossom trees and pink grass and wear pretty shell clothes

  • Poora Poora

    Poora Poora

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    that astronaut look like markplier tho

  • heart


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    10 days before planet her

  • kvwivs


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    shouldve told me THERE WAS A DILF IN THIS VIDEO UGH

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    omg una copia del video de la britney

  • Josip Savic

    Josip Savic

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    Where is this lyrics guy

  • Peter Ponomarenko

    Peter Ponomarenko

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    The only part that actually has a bit of melody in it and deserves to be called music was ripped off Olivia Newton-John's 'Physical'.

  • Joanna Zaragoza

    Joanna Zaragoza

    4 jam yang lalu

    so damn hot

  • Raja Lelang

    Raja Lelang

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    Rainych cover japanese😇👍👍👍

  • leslie Orozco

    leslie Orozco

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    i can’t stop listening to this 😭 .

  • el vendedor de papitAs

    el vendedor de papitAs

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  • el vendedor de papitAs

    el vendedor de papitAs

    4 jam yang lalu

  • el vendedor de papitAs

    el vendedor de papitAs

    4 jam yang lalu

  • el vendedor de papitAs

    el vendedor de papitAs

    4 jam yang lalu

  • Karol Rubi Pérez Guzmán

    Karol Rubi Pérez Guzmán

    5 jam yang lalu

    Porque Doja Cat tiene solamente 6 .54 M si ella hace canciones increíbles ? 🌌💙☁️✨

  • Badmaarag Ruby

    Badmaarag Ruby

    5 jam yang lalu

    Ahhhhh my favorite ❤️

  • Juan V

    Juan V

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    One of the best music videos ive seen in a phat while

  • Big Phil

    Big Phil

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    She’s got such a pleasant voice to listen to. Love it.

  • Kpop world

    Kpop world

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    If they don't play this song in mars i'm comming back to earth

  • Joseph Jay Luzon

    Joseph Jay Luzon

    5 jam yang lalu

    Also me: 2:44 *crockibiwinchifren euwenevehavya laynaya (ding) you know that kuh'miyabag folabrig you know that kuntoluso dopays if I throw back*

  • agem1989


    6 jam yang lalu

    Am I the only one who this song completely sound similar to: "let's get physical, physical.. I wanna get physical.."

  • Ta tiana

    Ta tiana

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    This is best!!❤️

  • Daniel Oney

    Daniel Oney

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    Two perverts can recognize each other from across the universe

  • James Steiner

    James Steiner

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    how many of you really believe doja's ass is real?

  • James Francis D'Silva

    James Francis D'Silva

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    watchu know about intro

  • quennie bunny

    quennie bunny

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    my two faves in one song 😭💓

  • Marya


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    Akash Chauhan

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    Valentina Villalva

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    Jordan Lester

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    Anyone getting “mass effect” vibes from this music video!?

  • Chris Funderburke

    Chris Funderburke

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    Ion know bout yall but all i hear is white noise while watching this or anything with sza my mind goes blank everytime

  • Todd Brown

    Todd Brown

    6 jam yang lalu

    Yes, I want her...

  • לֵטִיסִיָה אֵספִּירִיטוּ

    לֵטִיסִיָה אֵספִּירִיטוּ

    6 jam yang lalu

    Por dios! lo que muestra este video es perverso, lo que nos espera.

    • Diego DeLa Creme

      Diego DeLa Creme

      3 jam yang lalu

      Doja Cat es Dios

  • Jessica Garcia

    Jessica Garcia

    6 jam yang lalu

    Oh my goodness he is so cute 😍

  • Rubén Rivas

    Rubén Rivas

    6 jam yang lalu


  • Kazi Supreme

    Kazi Supreme

    7 jam yang lalu

    I wonder if she watches DB Abridged saying E ARTH?

  • Dewi Intan

    Dewi Intan

    7 jam yang lalu

    DATME :

  • Tuấn Thịnh Nguyễn

    Tuấn Thịnh Nguyễn

    7 jam yang lalu

    opinion: Doja Cat is the most talented artist

  • Jose Rogovich Babilonia

    Jose Rogovich Babilonia

    7 jam yang lalu

    Que excelente recuerdo🤍

  • Sofia Tran

    Sofia Tran

    7 jam yang lalu

    me showing my little brother this his reaction: >:/

  • shashank naruka

    shashank naruka

    7 jam yang lalu

    Esta cancion me hara bisexual

  • luy sueo6

    luy sueo6

    7 jam yang lalu

    THIS SONG IS MY JAM RIGHT HERE!!!!!!! LOVE THIS SONG, this song is the best...

  • Black Wolf

    Black Wolf

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    I like it very much

  • Riley Olson

    Riley Olson

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    That is one fine ass astronaut

  • Faizal Ali

    Faizal Ali

    8 jam yang lalu

    this music is TANGY

  • Faizal Ali

    Faizal Ali

    8 jam yang lalu

    i really like the instrumentals she chooses. compliments her voice really well

  • Serkan Yunus

    Serkan Yunus

    8 jam yang lalu

    200 Mn go

  • Mayte Leyva

    Mayte Leyva

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    Me thinking about where I recognize the astronaut from, then it hits me grey's anatomy!



    8 jam yang lalu

    I can already hear the tiktokers dancing to this

  • undershirtless colfer

    undershirtless colfer

    8 jam yang lalu

    love that the "dreamboat love interest/man" in this video is non white thooo??? praise the lORD!

  • فهود


    8 jam yang lalu

    Tik tok

  • Smile


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  • Smile


    8 jam yang lalu❤️❤️❤️❤️



    8 jam yang lalu

    Me encanta ver este video. Me encantan los asiaticos.



    9 jam yang lalu

    Sza is a goddess

  • luis Medina

    luis Medina

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  • Gigi


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    Nick James

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    Doja is definitely very talented! And beyond gorgeous to say the least 😍

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    Kenia Pizarro

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    Que buen ritmo 😝

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    sunaly josselyn supa huaman

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    El chico es bello 😻😽
    Que lindo bombón asiatico.

  • Void


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    Paula Gomes

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  • Paula Gomes

    Paula Gomes

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  • Wade Wilson

    Wade Wilson

    9 jam yang lalu

    I hate the n word. Okay song . Wished they’d not said the N word to make entertainment. Trashy cheese vaginas.

  • Rafael Factor

    Rafael Factor

    9 jam yang lalu

    Who here just came here from tiktok 😂

  • david Caban

    david Caban

    9 jam yang lalu

    this is why Dua Lipa gets millions of views, you look desperate

    • Russel


      9 jam yang lalu

      Dula Peep wish she’s versatile as doja cat lmao

  • Hương Kun 700K Vào timbantinhvn com

    Hương Kun 700K Vào timbantinhvn com

    9 jam yang lalu

    20:30 Đời này, em có hai lần tập đi khó nhất. 〽