Flying the Largest Airbus Twin - A350-1000 Qatar Airways

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This is a video with great details on flying the Airbus A350-1000 with footages from the cockpit. I flew on Qatar Airways A350-1000 from Los Angeles to Doha. The flight time was nearly 15 hours with a maximum takeoff weight of 316,000 kgs. The pilots explained in detail about the A350 cockpit, pre-flight, takeoff, landing and what they do during the flight. Watch the exciting 360 camera angles during takeoff and landing.
The A350-1000 is the largest twin-engine aircraft Airbus has made today. It is a rivalry to the Boeing 777X. The list price of A350-1000 is $366 million.
I flew in the luxury Qatar Airways Q Suite. A few passengers with different backgrounds on the same flight share their stories. One Qatar Airways cabin crew was surprised by others to celebrate her birthday onboard. I've encountered nothing but great humanities during my travel.
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Sam Chui
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    Go captain Max . Zim is proud of you 🇿🇼

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    Your best video so far Sam. You brought the whole experience to life. Great footage, Super interaction with the crew and pax.
    Well done....they just keep getting better.
    Enjoy your break.

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    Sir what is your work?

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    0:44 burhan türk ismimi la

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    Cool video! I've never flown Qatar Airways myself so it's interesting for me to see the experience here :D

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    Love the way to edit and talk generously to people around ,best part is talking with pilot and detailing of aircraft

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    Love Q Suites have travelled in them with Qatar, and Qatar offer the best service 👌

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    I love❤️ qatar airline



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    Loved it man !

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    Idk why i dont like the Qatar airways interior at the sweets and normal seats

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    Can anybody tell me what music is used during takeoff?

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    The A350, 787, 757 and (concorde of course) are my favorite commercial aircraft!

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    Mohammed invented airplane 😉😉🤷‍♂️😎

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    Lol....for a second I thought sam chui is in thumbnail

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    Nice to see sri Lankans in flight 🙌👌🙏

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    Good to hear bengali voice in your video❤️

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    Can you please share Suchita's insta handle?

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    Sri lankan couple is beauty full and happy birth day to her very nice vlog but u missed Khan's :) love from Karachi - Pakistan

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    Sensational Video..

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    Awesome a videos

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    verry bad trip. with mask



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    Iii🌹🌱🦜... ☺☺☺☺
    LOVELY to c d LATEST Apr ' 21⚘👌👌👌👌👌
    Always I get thrilled to c n "Wish Captains n All Crews" n Pray for them All...Whenever n Wherever I n v All travel to....
    Bc All LIVES r in their hands, 1st ofcourse in God's Almity hands...
    Too WONDERFUL to hav connected to Captian in Cockpit FEELS I'm seated beside to WITNESS E'ythin on board d drive oonn... BFUL~Experience tho' Tnxxx...ALOT💐
    PRAYERS, God bless🙏🙏 All on board...
    Lovey SAFE~ journey💖 🏖

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    go maxwell go proudly zimbabwean

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    Crew and passenger interviews (and getting access to the Flight deck) is why Sam Chui has over 2.5M subscribers! Well Done, Sam. Enjoy your time home in Dubai!!

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    With all these computers flying these aircrafts I wonder if it is safe because highjacks can happen by hacking the system that fly the plane?

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    ayy the bangladesh dude sup brahhh im bangladeshi THANK YOU

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    Gear up... Autopilot on 🙁

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    That cockpit is very spacious😮😮

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    Such nice people! Great video Sam. Thanks!

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    This is beautiful. Peace in the skies. Like he said; Different nationality’s. Everyone enjoying their trip. Wonderful video. 👍🏽

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    You mean to tell me the pilot not even looking out the window?
    Or holding a steering wheel,!?!!!
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    Sam chui.. All the best..

  • Windy Traveller by Santhosh Kollam

    Windy Traveller by Santhosh Kollam

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    Travelled a lot with qatar airways. Amazing service. All the best

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    best aircraft and definitely one of the best airlines, thank you so much for sharing this amazing video. I only had one opportunity to fly with Qatar, but it´s even a lil better than the other (amazing) airlines from the UAE and middle east. Flying Qatar is not just being welcome as a client, feel treated as a friend. 5 Star Airline is one star too less in my opinion

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    අපේ කෙනෙක් දැක්කම මාර සතුටුයි

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    Excellent video, thank you.

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    Well done Sam!!!

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    Top.... VIRACOPOS - Campinas SBKP Live on youtube (radar + Tower Live)

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    The copilot is a new airline pilot

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    How do you get the cockpit shots? Are you there? Did you set up a camera there? How is that allowed?

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    The real callsign is: Qatar Eight Five Heavy.

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    A Filipina stewardess on board saying Maligayang Kaarawan! & a passenger said Kumusta ka? mabuti, Salamat! wow that's great Sam! Watching from Manila Philippines

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    Wauw so beautifull..from suriname ..

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    Good job Sam .my favorite plane A350 -1000. Thanks to Qatar airways crew as well for that great long haul flight.

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    When you are so obsessed with GTA that you want that experience in real life :

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    1:52 Does your printer perform when out of cyan?

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    My first experience flying Qatar A350 1000 Qsuite Doha to Dallas April 2020 .. almost 15 hours of flying .. such a nice. Beautiful quite aircraft .

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    I’ve been on this flight & I can guarantee u this is the best flight . So long but it doesn’t make u feel like it because their service is just so amazing . I’ve travelled a lot and this is the best airline n service I’ve ever been served .

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    සිංහල on Sam Chui channel. ♥️♥️ Much Love from Sri Lanka. 🇱🇰

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    For safety reasons why not interview the pilots away from the cockpit? Also, the pilot should be eating his meal at another location, not in the cockpit where he works. I was taught by an employer that you should take your break and eat your meal in the cafeteria or breakroom not where you work. I would not want a bad incident to happen because of pilot error. Be safe!

    • Marshall Hogan

      Marshall Hogan

      4 hari yang lalu

      Yes, but this is an airplane 🤣 We don’t have a break room that’s designated for eating, or a cafeteria. Only break room on the A350 is a crew rest room, which is tiny. Eating in the cockpit is perfectly fine...

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    Should have a notice regarding this being a promotional video.

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    The FAA is going to fine Qatar now for allowing Sam into the cockpit in US airspace.

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