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Engineering Giants - Jumbo Jet | Engineering Documentary
Manufacturing an Airbus A350:
Millions have travelled on Jumbo Jets, but few understand the technical achievements that make it fly. So we were thrilled when British Airways let us into their enormous facility in Cardiff, where planes go every six years to be completely stripped down. It’s the first time this safety check has been filmed and reveals how everything from black boxes (actually orange) to escape chutes work. It’s also exciting to explore the secret compartments where the crew can sleep, and climb inside the massive fuel tanks to see how they’re made.
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Free Documentary
  • Free Documentary

    Free Documentary

    26 hari yang lalu

    Millions have travelled on the 747 boeing JUmbo Jet but few understand the technical achievements that make it fly. So the makers of this documentary were allowed insight and exclusive access to the British Airways facility in Cardiff, where the planes are taken every six years to be completely overhauled.
    First time safety checks. And the first time they;ve been documented by filmmakers. We learn how everything from black boxes (which are actually orange) to escape chutes work. We get to explore all the secrets of these awesome planes - from hidden compartments where the crew sleeps to climbing inside the massive fuel tanks to see how they're made.
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    Issac Newton joins the documentary....

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    Without he telling me he is an electrical engineer, the hair told me he was one.

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    now the plane has been sitting for the last 12 months in teruel, spain in storage......sad times

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    Come 747 a 60 yrs old design, there is nothing good about Boeing they put profit before safety and cost lives and they deny it until they cant hide and got caught. Dnt glorify Boeing a murderer, FLY BOEING AND DIE IN STYLE

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    So sad the British airways retired there 747s

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    In UK absolutely every punter holding a tool is an rest of the world, an engineer is a highly educated person with a university degree in engineering.

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    I am a Netflix member but when i started to watch documentary on this channel then i left to watch Netflix and became the addicted to watch documentary. Best universities ever to be honest.

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    5:45 "200 million pounds of the 747" Really? That is about 90,000 tons; the mass of an aircraft carrier, say the USS Nimitz CVN-68.

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      @Dallin Lutz Ok. My bad.

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      He’s referring to the price of the aircraft, in the UK they call their currency pounds not dollars

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    An Airbus A380 is bigger than this giant?!
    And don’t forget abut the Antonov An225, a brobdingnagian cargo jet!

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    Great video

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this!!



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    I love all the documentry , this channel has to content .
    Rather than , being in social media , reels and tiktok , why not we see the world and it's hard work on technologies to travel . 🌎🌌♾️
    Thank you

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    You guys are increasing my knowledge again & again

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    My biggest dream is to purchase a fuselage of a 747 and turn it into a home lol, that would be really amazing for me,

    • M G Hall

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      23 hari yang lalu

      Your dream may come to fruition, as many 747's are being moth-balled and decommissioned, sadly even this aircraft G-CIVX has been furloughed and as of the date of this reply it's currently in Teruel, Spain since 03 April 2020. Start saving - I imagine a fuselage must still be quite expensive regardless.

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      weird flex but okay

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    Imagine how much more amazing and awesome it would be to take apart and fit an A380 !!!!

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    pilot: "dude seriously I don't know what half of these switches are for..!!

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    Now a days,Boeing faces more accidents compared with other plane makers,so Boeing is sick

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    Worked on USAFaircraft and I can appreciate the complexity of these machines. I maintained systems on military fighter interceptors, who's mission is to fly under extreme and demanding conditions! Even small aircraft can be very complex.

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      @Free Documentary Thanks for the reply .

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      Free Documentary

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      For free documentary it is a first release. It’s possible you have seen it on another channel. Just like you can see the same series or movie on different streaming services.

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    I've never been on a plane with a middle row of seats

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      ...and you don't want one of those seats...especially on a full flight.

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      Middle row seats are on wide body aircrafts. Such aircrafts generally operate on very long route and the very long routes are generally international destinations. Please hop on an international flights and experience the awesomeness.

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