GoPro Fusion 360VR wingsuit Rodeo

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This is one of the highest quality 360VR shots I have taken so far. This really shows what kind of quality you can get with the from :) Aly did a rodeo with me flying over Perris CA with Todd Davis and Randy Seib :)

Jeb Corliss
  • Make Horses Great Again

    Make Horses Great Again

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    SUPER COOL! I would so love to do that (wingsuit) Ugh. Life.

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    Thạnh Phạm

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    Brenda Agustin

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    Lazarus Long

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    Flying fake tits... humanity is broken

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    Hence Art

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    It's look like challenging 😀👍



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    Zully Ozorio

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    Rsb Vlog

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    Wow this is amazing



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    Wow 😱😱😱
    Luar biasa.
    Video yang sangat unit dengan evek yang sangat spektakuler 👍👍

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    ajay hiremath

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    The girl has her own ideas!!!

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    Mark A. Demaline

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    • P


      12 hari yang lalu

      AHAHAHAHAHA! Perfect analysis! I was worried those fake 'blow ups' were going to blow-up and knock someone out!

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    julio Santos

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    Cara isto sim é liberdade .👍🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

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    W' luzsca

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    Domonkos Komáromi

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    Краш Тестов

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    Mark Hoornstra

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    Usually I can't keep my eyes off the landscape. In this case.............

  • Кто ищет тот находит

    Кто ищет тот находит

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    Как в PUBG , зажав свободный обзор!!!

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    punjabi activitis videos

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    This video made with 360° angle
    Look amaging

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  • White Raptor News

    White Raptor News

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  • White Raptor News

    White Raptor News

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    That looked fake as shit. Her titties!

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    Super cool!

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    Tayyare Pilotu

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    How can ı zoom in VR

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    Andi Imran Bone

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    Waouu beranii

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    Dope Audition

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    Normalnie przeleciała go. Pro.

  • PS Crypto

    PS Crypto

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    I could've looked anywhere but only focused in one area

  • Joe Garwood

    Joe Garwood

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    her air bags looked like they were about to deploy.

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    Giang Bui

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  • Billy Carter

    Billy Carter

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    Wonder who the first human was that jumped from a plane .

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    Jun Villanueva

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    Love the camera set up, its awesome

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    Trường Nguyễn

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    some characters not allowed

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    For those of you ever wanting to do a wingsuit rodeo:
    Trust me, the only way you'll ever be a passenger is this simple first requirement:
    1. Have tits.

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    Viktor Q.

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    Fulvio Bielli

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    Sembra vero 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Hải Anh 800K Vào Henho24h xyz

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    duncan pinderhughes

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    drop zone!

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    bidj 37

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    DreamWorks Dragons

  • Anil Sai

    Anil Sai

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    Simply Awesome

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  • Karen D

    Karen D

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    Looks like alot of fun.
    But after I checked my gauge I would look behind and above me to make sure I was clear to pull my rip.
    Just saying....

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    Ameer A N

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    wow! fantastic.

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    Zulfikar Muchlis

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    Amazing view

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    Алексей Бычков

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    info corner

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    Ye baby

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    Deepchand P

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    Hmm she's ridding a flying Stallion.

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    K. PacificNW

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    Implants are quite floaty!

  • Home At Last

    Home At Last

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    It's kind of cool that at the beginning she grabs onto him tightly for leverage, and then begins grinding into him. Then she sort of shifts and is bouncing up and down.

    • Fresh eXperience

      Fresh eXperience

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    Carlos Perez

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    Me recuerda mis tiempos de paracaidismo que bueno ,en mis 600 salto

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    Location and how much it costed

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    it's amazing

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    Ngilu bos

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    Рома Славный

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    qwsa 👍

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    Nice video madam 👍🙄🙄

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    Ijin menyimak

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    Wow😲😲😲😲 wonderful



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    How did he captured his own video?

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    I love the gummy

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    How earning

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    I'd love to have her ride me too and I don't parachute/ wingshute

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    Олег Клочко

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    For a second there I was not sure what I was seeing. I thought I saw a pair of lunar orbiting globes hovering around the black suit.

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    alvaro Ferreira

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    How did you do this? 😘😍🥰

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    Im nervous while watching this.

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    So fun fly

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    A wish almost came true @1:27...
    wait for it....
    damn... nothing.

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    Amazing video

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    very amazing flying friend

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    Kerren Bosss,,,🇲🇨 👍

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    This is what women do with your heart when you let them ride over you 😛

  • Sujatha Manjunath

    Sujatha Manjunath

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    If u rotate ur mobl upwrds u can see the cloud.. And if u rotate dwnwrds u can see land..

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    mister kepo fishing@

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    Bueno muchacho

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    Increible pero verdaderamente me

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    Legends are looking below the neck

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