Hit The Target, Win $300,000

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If they miss the shot, the prize goes up by $10,000
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The reason the title says $300,000 instead of $200,000 is because I didn’t want to spoil when the video ended! I didn’t want people to actually know what the last shot was haha


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      kerby Javier

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      Ok And Your comment is a Lie

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      @minh khoi nguyen me too lol

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      jaqueline gastelum

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      Hey MrBeat I just wanted to ask your advice about something just happen with me right now. I hope u getting to see this

  • Shelby Felices

    Shelby Felices

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    Dude Perfect Join the Game:
    ; easy money

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    kiss Bela

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    Thats how Dude Perfect robbed Mr Beast.

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    pwopwo Refalopei

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    That' was fun 😂

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    Kelley Trevor

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    Kevin Kevin

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    Hello love from india,ne...small state🖤

  • Dārta Šenhofa

    Dārta Šenhofa

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    Cant you pls give meee pls somm money because am have dremm for sooooo so so longe time bet a kent meak it real soo pls pls help meee❤💖💓🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺



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    Can i play too i want to win this lots of$

  • James Moe Catubay

    James Moe Catubay

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    I want to play tooand win please idol

  • James Moe Catubay

    James Moe Catubay

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    Wow alot of money

  • Caesar ReBattleRoblox JoJo Last Hamon Take It Me

    Caesar ReBattleRoblox JoJo Last Hamon Take It Me

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    Nevan Ashad

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    None won

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    2:51 dayuuummmmm

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    Argie Benlot

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    Plss give me a mooney for my family

    • Argie Benlot

      Argie Benlot

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      I am poor

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    MrBeast Ur The Only Person Who Can Beat T-Series

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    Melvin Smith

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    Hey guys I'm Melvin from Jamaica could i ask for a lil help?

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    natasha nola

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    Me everytime Karl shows up:💃💃

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    Michael Merriam

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    I can’t imagine you give me $9000

  • Capo Prana

    Capo Prana

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    Mr. Beast, thanks for helping people with all of those challenges, you are a blessing to us! Loved all your videos.😊

  • Nicholas Salva

    Nicholas Salva

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    I am eight and I practice throwing my sister babies

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  • MR Unknown_?

    MR Unknown_?

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    Jesus is alive spread the good news

  • Prince Johan Manalo

    Prince Johan Manalo

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    0:47 what the heck!!

  • Galaxy_spider


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    Plot twist mr beast is a basketball pro

  • Anya Karra

    Anya Karra

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  • DcsCannon


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    UUUUHHH BUUHHH YEAH… - Chris 2021

  • Yazmin Yanchaugano

    Yazmin Yanchaugano

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    -Mrbeast throw basketball- -it went in holl in one- Me: OHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHH ¯\_(ö)_/¯.

  • duck chief

    duck chief

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    I wish I could have money to donate to mr beast lol

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    Stefano puicon

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    Traducelo a español plis😩😢plis

  • Freya Johnson - Just Your Friend :D

    Freya Johnson - Just Your Friend :D

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    All I want is to stand by chris and Jimmy and give them a high five (There the best)

  • Aviation62 ‘

    Aviation62 ‘

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    5:55 5:56 lol

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    I can't use honey cus uk

  • LittleMelJoes


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    Adam is amazing

  • Sarah


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    they should sign up to film videos with Dude perfect
    I could absolutely never

  • Lisa Peek

    Lisa Peek

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    Can you make beast burger in Australia in Sydney NSW

  • drillakilla


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    Mr Beast 🐯Changes Ppl's lives And For That I Applaud Him 👏..

  • Ricky Salgado

    Ricky Salgado

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    Youre the best Mr. beast

  • Teresa Miller

    Teresa Miller

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    How do you get a Beast Burger

  • yoyoAl3x


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    Please more Adam, in the 2 videos he’s been in I loved the section that he’s in

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  • Jay Jones

    Jay Jones

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    The way he went did I do it

  • Pamilyang Bilog

    Pamilyang Bilog

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    I wish you will see my comments

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    Cody Quach Do

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    Hey can you give me some money...I don't have so much ...and I want to become rapper,..I want to setup home studio..pls😩 I'm from india

  • Cody Quach Do

    Cody Quach Do

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  • Cody Quach Do

    Cody Quach Do

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    99% can’t complete...

  • Farhaan Srijandorn

    Farhaan Srijandorn

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    I have honny in my fridg

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    ayden mo

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  • Dragon Sonic Gamer

    Dragon Sonic Gamer

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    Jimmy in the jim

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    stit paing

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    mr beast going god mode

  • Captain 004

    Captain 004

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    Niko: OH SO I DO!

  • SML


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    jimmy is a pro at basket ball

  • Phoebe Hogan

    Phoebe Hogan

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    I don’t have a pillow-

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    Renan Calix Tarcena

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    Mr beast is in god mode

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    Hassan Hadi

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    Can i get a lambo urus for my 18th birthday pls



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    Why was Karl so good?!

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    Darks Gaming

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    Mr beasts😓😓😓

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    Seb Mathew

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    You lost 210 Grand

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    Ridiculous 😒

  • Yt Cooper plays

    Yt Cooper plays

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    That’s it bye guys

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    Sarah Smaller

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    Yay beast burgers

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    fanny Rodriguez

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    Leonard TV

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    Mr. beast can you pay my tuition fee for my 3rd year in college please im from Philippines please please please i hope you notice this please 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Ibale, Arjay D.

    Ibale, Arjay D.

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    Rb plss..:(

  • Zainab ali

    Zainab ali

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    dude perfect in this challenge: Let's bankrupt jummy

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    wholly frick

  • s.a.h


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  • Haseeb Khalid

    Haseeb Khalid

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    You make content an other country people opertunity please

  • Shamear Foster

    Shamear Foster

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    At 0:53 he made It wow.

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    I subscribed you jimmy

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    didn't he say 300k

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    Oh no 🤪 say I'm good now

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    ive installed honey

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    12:01 that music

  • brendan harper

    brendan harper

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    Your beast burgers arnt in idaho!! Im disapointed i want one



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    we got to respect jimmy for how many brief cases he owns

  • sᴀɴᴛɪᴀɢᴏ᭄ ᘛᴄᴀɴɴᴏɴ

    sᴀɴᴛɪᴀɢᴏ᭄ ᘛᴄᴀɴɴᴏɴ

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    expose gold diggers

  • awsomeplayz


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    MrBeast I have good idea

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    1:03 Karl on the hoope

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    I subed

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    Ascribe TV

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    Hi Mrbeast! I am your biggest fan ever I hope you will notice me even it is impossible. Everyday I always watching your inspiring and motivational videos.😍💓
    I hope a day I can see you but it's impossible. 😆I am simple YouTuber from Philippines.☺️🙏

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    Jason Goldsmith

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    @MrBeast Been Subscribe for awhile. I love the videos when you help people (Buying house , cars , stores out for the ones in need.)

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    Totally Not Wibblynate

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    meme kid

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    TOO EASy

    • Totally Not Wibblynate

      Totally Not Wibblynate

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      TOO EASY

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    Only 84k commets!!